Respond to someone and then block them?

Why are users allowed to block another user, but the interaction between the two remains public up to the point when the block occurred, and the other user is unable to respond? Why should the crybabies get the last word?


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  • they are chicken shit !!!:-)


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  • Some people just like to have the last word, it makes them feel like they've won. Though, they technically haven't won, they just "cheated." I haven't blocked anyone on this site, I've only come across one person who is rude, & they're not rude to the extent that I feel the need to block them.

  • Depends on the exact situation.
    I've seen situations where people genuinely deserve to be blocked and not get the last word. Many users answer being clearly nasty, antagonistic, and rude as if their intent on being present was just to stir the pot and create strife. Blocking them keeps that from continuing.

    • This feature doesn't distinguish in that regard. If you respond to an opinion on your own question, and then block the opinion owner, your question should come down. Despite the worthless excuses and denials here from @Sparrow24 there are perfectly valid reasons why a user might not want a debate in which they had their tongue cut out hanging out into public space of the internet. At a minimum, there should be something that shows which party really fled the conversation.

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    • All your comments here basically boil down to "you (that is, me, srslyly) are highly emotionally invested it this issue, and therefore should be ashamed of yourself, as I (that is, you, anonymous opinion owner) don't agree with you.

      The problem with that is,
      A. I give about 1/8 of a fuck about this.
      B. Your inability to form any rational response to what I've actually said indicates that you do take any attack on the rules governing this site personally.
      C. If I did care enough about this to get mad at you instead of laughing at you, your employment of the anonymous response feature would make it very difficult for me to police content that is off topic, and which refers only to me, personally, and never to the issue at hand. (that is, everything you've said here except your original opinion)

    • Of course I answered anonymously! Right off the bat, you come off as so irrational, childish, and you sound like one big baby tbh You've spent your whole time here whining about some petty issue and I don't blame that other user for blocking you. You have no clue how to act.

  • We never restrict the blocking feature for anyone.
    GAGers can block whoever they want whenever they want.
    Unfortunately, that means it is abused sometimes.
    But it's their GAG experience and they can customize it the way they want.

    • Then the blocked user should have the option to delete the entire conversation from public view.

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    • @Mesonfielde Otherwise, this thread would look like a mod had no response whatsoever when called out about how stupid this is. As it is, her justifications, while false and illogical, are at least able to be seen.

    • Honestly, I think the blocking feature is one of the least useful additions to the site, hence why I don't use it at all. The only thing people should be allowed to block is private messages from a given person, not comments and opinions and votes.

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  • Because they are immature scum who can't take a differing opinion even if it's on the internet.

    Honestly, I think of it less and less. Most questions get buried by the live feed anyways, and even then, the last thing they usually see is that the asker lashed out like a 10 year old throwing a tantrum, which is honestly hilarious, especially when they claim you are being antagonistic just because you disagreed with them and they call you all sorts of things. It is weird.

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