Should we get notifications when people comment on opinions we're mentioned in?

Or if not that, should we be able to "watch" questions or opinions so we get notified of any new responses? I just think that would be a useful feature. There's been many a time where I have had to keep checking in on a question or opinion because I wanted to follow the new responses, and I would have to remember to return there ever once in a while to check for anything new. Though all the new notifications might get annoying if you don't care, but maybe there could be a feature so you could toggle it? Just some ideas that I was wondering how other people might feel about them.


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  • We appreciate the feedback, I'll pass this along to our team for consideration!

    There are ways to check, without the notifications, of course, for those who read this and don't realize -
    If you Follow a question, you can go back to it by checking Follows - Questions from your profile page.
    You can also filter your LIVE FEED by "Questions I Follow", which will show the activity on those you follow... that can also be filtered by Opinions, Opinion Comments, etc.

    If anyone ever has questions that our FAQ doesn't answer, please don't hesitate to ask!