Who would be the GAGer you'd be the most sad to see leave GAG?

Like the title says, which GaGER would make you most sad if they left?

You who you are! Schnuckiputzi!


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  • Complic8ted, my Newest GAG friend who voted me Most helpful and communicates with me Daily through messaging here... Even after the fact, it's a Fact, I am still a big Help to her, Plus a good friend besides...
    I would miss our daily 'Messages' that she shoots over to me, sometimes more than one, and I always get a charge at whatever she is up to, and glad I can be there for her for Whenever... xx

    • Thank you so much, @Ihavt2fart... She was One of the First to come to me and is still with me, till death do us part.
      Although Everyone is My Bestie, she was the One from the Restie who came to Me First... However, as so Many friends that I have here and love as of now, You ALLLLL Know who you are, and so happy, for @Klaatu51 is on the top of my list with the so many, that I also love and adore, this Master.:)) xxoo

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    • top of yer list? whoa... u left me speechless... :)

    • lol...@Klaatu51, you see for Guys, I make You TOP of the list every time. lol:)) xxoo

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  • Hm I'm not sure. The GaGers I like the most are people I talk to through other means as well. I guess @Harakiri because her posts entertain me immensely.

    • Nice choice, she does leave some entertaining comments. Now if she'd only gimmi my Mancard back.

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    • @Harakiri I'll make a super sweet post about you before I bury you in the cyber back yard. Gone but certainly not forgotten.

    • *nods vigorously* this is acceptable :D

  • Hans has so far been the nicest person I've seen on GaG so far.

  • @Willow4 She hasn't been on in almost a month so she kind of left :(
    And like one other person. He knows who he is.

  • I'm pretty sure he knows who he is so his secret identity need not be revealed.

    And this is completely unrelated, but OMG, that is an absolutely amazing tattoo! I just love the detail. :)

    • haha, why so secretive? :P
      Thanks, it's all on the tattooist he's great!

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    • Fair enough.

      I like looking at other peoples art as well. You have any?

    • No, but I was thinking of getting some one day. I love tattoos and I'm not sure why. I'm a huge fan of them.

  • Anyone who's super active

    • That's true. I feel you.

  • you cool tattoo dude D:

  • @chocolateismylover because this is the only place I can communicate with her D:

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  • Mmmmm... >.<

  • @redthread, @dodgersgm, @kangy, @cocochanel, @mesonfielde

    • oh thank u :)
      i didn't receive any notifications when u tagged me

  • Well, *most* of the people I'm close to here, I'd still be able to talk to them all the time, I'll skip those folks this time around, they know I love them.
    So I'll go with some of the people who make me laugh here...

    • Oh good for moment I thought I was one of the ones that you want to see disappear! 😄

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    • We are going to the happiest place on earth, my toilet seat! :P
      We are going to Orlando gonna visit some theme parks and do a whole lot of shopping it seems.
      I just wanna lay down in the Jacuzzi and chill with a Dr pepper in one hand and nachos in the other, while watching something on tv, probably some weird reality show where people are dumb founded by daily stuff like how the world is round and the sky is blue. :D

    • @ketfoen Sounds awesome to me! Haha!

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