Why does it take so long to advance from Xper Level 5 to the next level?

why does it take so long to advance from Xper Level 5 to the next level?


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  • Because the reward system was changed half a year ago, and you get only 1 XPER per opinion, while previously it used to be 3.

    • Well that was a "first place out of one competitors" scenario, thanks anyways :D more indepth, it is because XPER is linked to monetary rewards if you redeem it, thus they wanted to limit the money they need to give out, considering they need an income, and high xper also removes advertisments.

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    • Haha, I'm not saying it's a bad thing ;)
      I just figured given the scenario, I'll add a bit more info to the initial statement.
      Basically, it's not worth it for them to give out a LOT of XPER like they did back in the day, probably because the site might be more popular (citation needed), or because the site is less popular (citation needed). Either way, they need to give out monetary rewards less, and make people look at ads more.

    • It makes sense from a business standpoint, they DO get their money from advertising after all.

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  • It's like the game Ingress... they make it easy to get into it then harder once you're hooked!


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