Who are the most attractive white, black, asian, and latino GAGers of the opposite gender?

So this is categorized by ethnicity, and it needs to be the opposite gender to yourself. (P. S. Asian is all encompassing... so it includes indian and middle eastern) Here's mine:

White: @Betwyn
Black: @Yellowbone
Asian: @Jbgurl20
Latino: @Deeb211

come on women... why you so nervous?


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  • Oh boy. Not again. Since I'm always seen as the bad guy for these this time I'll go left field and answer honestly. Maybe then people will quit their bickering at me, because now it's annoying. Anyway,

    White: I can't say that one. I have someone in mind, but I won't say. @Betwyn 's attractive, but not the most attractive. And no joke or sarcasm. Serious there. I like her eyes.
    Black: Yeah @Yellowbone is a good pick. I'll go with her too.
    Asian: @misscoffeehead or that @playdates girl.
    Latina: @PoisonX

    Honest answers this time XD


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