Should there be a like option for comments?

Should there be a like option for comments? Where others can like a comment from another user.

  • yes a like option for comments
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  • no like option for comments
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As you can see from opinions below I can not like a comment that was put on someones opinion...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nah, I think the whole idea of "likes" is counterproductive because people often get so caught up in their ego stroke that they lose the ability to be humble enough to question adding on or taking away to their personal views. This era places ENTIRELY too much value on likes to the point where it would be considered unbelievably egocentric to people from past eras. Think about it: People work hard making videos on YouTube to gain thousands of likes. Girls and guys primp themselves up and take tons of pictures, trying to decide which ones are the cutest so they can get likes on instagram. People picture-perfect edit their words so they can get likes on FB and Twitter. It's ridiculous!

    • You have a valid point...

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  • Yes there should!


What Guys Said 3

  • Mentioned and asked for many times. I would also like that option or feature.

  • There's already a means through which you can upvote/downvote another person's opinion

    • But I dont want to upvote or down vote I just want to like

    • Lol, I guess I've just gotten used to spending way more time on YouTube than Facebook.

    • As you can see there is no way to like your coment about spending time on YouTube

  • id be fine with that