Do many people here answer questions more for an ego boost and less to genuinely explore a topic?

I'm finding that many answerers seem to try and impress people with what they know (or what they think they know) rather than genuinely have an interest in exploring a topic or helping someone. These are usually the answerers that get defensive and hypersensitive if the QA challenges their view, being quick to claim that the QA just wants to hear people who agree with them. That is not necessarily true and that overused, unoriginal assumption blocks understanding. Instead of humbly questioning their own view, they're quick to assume that they are right, their answer cannot be wrong, and the QA is simply in the wrong.

What is the best way to deal with these egotistical people who answer to get applause and not to really reconsider or perhaps revise their own perceptions?

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  • im pretty damn neutral in about everything I say. unless its just funny then ill go off the charts hahaa :D but everyone is having fun at that point. I don't fight anyone on anything really. im just here to hear what other people think too, im not trying to change someones mind over the internet lol.


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  • I see way more QA ego stroking going on "I just swallowed after a blowjob, do guys like this?" "My penis is 8" long and 5" thick, do girls like this?" than I do from answerers.

    • I find that QA ego stroking tend to come from teenage girls. You can blatantly tell when there's a question with absolutely zero substance and the girl is digging for compliments

  • I've been confronted with this once before. usually my answers are based off of my mood, most of the time i. feel pretty serious and if i find a question in which I'm passionate about i will answer to tue best of my ability whith as much logical reasoning and depth as i can muster. if i don't know the answer i will research it to the best of my ability and share what I've learned. sometimes I'm in a pissy mood so ill give short dry answers or if its a stupid question, ill give a stupid answer. Sometimes I'm feeling humorous and thats when i leave weird opinions due to weird sense of comedy. it feels nice to have my opinions acknowledged and i appreciate getting mho's but i generally answer questions with the askers best interest in mind.

    p. s. sorry for any typos, I'm on my phone, and my phone sucks so hopefully i didn't fuck it up too bad.

  • Best way to deal with them?

    Ignore them.


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