Why are there so many feminism questions and rate questions on here?

So many questions asking for ratings and peoples view on feminism


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  • well thats easy to answer

    Considering its a site that focuses on relationships between guys and girls, you'll get a lot of questions about feminism, because much of what feminism concerns the role of women in relationships and marriage, and there continues to be an issue of contention between men and women on that.

    Rate me questions are just a product of the culture we have today, where people standards are rising higher and higher, so more people feel like they don't make the cut... but to satisfy their curiosity, they ask on sites like this in order to get an unbiased opinion.


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  • I. DONT. KNOW.
    Most people fail to properly define the stupid thng so Im not at all surprised.


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  • The reason there are so many questions about feminism is that people question it's value today. People want to know why it is still a thing when it's not needed but it still does so much harm.

    Thirty years ago there wouldn't have been nearly as many questions about feminism because it was actually needed then so it was easier to justify all the negative side effects. Today... not so much.

  • that's how self absorbed women behave.

    • not surprising women down voted my comment. they love calling men self absorbed but can not picture a woman behaving that way.

    • dude, quit trolling.

    • hum... sorry.

  • insecure feminists wanna be rated