(for both genders) How long answers do you generally appreciate for your asks?

After some time here i've noticed that a lot of people tend to answer with short replies, so i figured i could as you what kind of replies you would apreciate; if it is short and very general answers, or if you want them longer and more detailed (answer in the poll)

  • Short answers (less than 500 signs)
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  • medium long answers (up to 1000 signs)
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  • Long answers (up to 1500 signs)
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  • Very long answers (over 1500 signs)
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  • If its a personal question, I like to see someone thinking/putting an effort to answer my question. If its a general one like, what's your Fav character, I don't care.


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  • I've never asked a question, but I think my expectations would vary on the subject matter.
    Complicated relationships, theism, political, whatever questions usually can't be covered with short posts. It might take a least 500 words to so to properly articulate a point. I don't have any issues reading large posts that use all 2000 characters.

    Anything simple could be answered in no more than a few lines.

    For a topic like this? I think 492 characters is the perfect amount for a good post.

  • As long sit takes to thoroughly answer my question. It might take 10 words or 1,000.

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