Do you think the new traveling toolbar needs a new show/hide feature?

Haven't been on G@G for a while, and just noticed the very annoying traveling toolbar. In my opinion if it's hear to stay it needs a show/hide feature, that way you can hide it when not needed and bring it back when needed. I know of a few other sites with a similar toolbar and has the option to hide the toolbar.

  • God yes, pleas make that annoying toolbar hideable.
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  • Oh no, don't make the toolbar hideable, I love the toolbar the way it is.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • YES! I hate that it covers part of the answers & sometimes it gets stuck in places. Just make it go away already, it's not helping me at all.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I hate to be weird, but what is this toolbar that you speak of? lol sorry.

    • It's the orange, blue, and pink bar at the bottom of the.

    • OHH! Is it bad that I have actually never noticed that is was a tool bar? I literally though it was just attached permanently to the bottom of the screen. Wow I feel dumb.

      I feel like scrolling with the mouse is so much more efficient and easier than the tool bar. I don't really care for it being there or not, but a button to hide it like you had listed in your description would be fantastically ideal.!

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, yes, please add the option to hide it. It's so annoying when using my nexus 7. Takes up most of my screen when typing.

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