What sort of questions would you like to answer on GAG?

I was wondering what kinds of questions the people on this site would like to answer. As for me, many times I keep searching for a good question to answer, so definitely would like to know various opinions.

Would you like them to be short or long and detailed?

Also, would like GAG to give an incentive on the lines of MHO to questions as well?

  • I like short and simple questions
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  • I like loooong ones that include stories
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  • I don't mind answering any type of question
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  • I'm very picky, would rather take time and wait for the right one
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  • I like to share on anything I have an actual answer to. I don't like sharing an opinion full of "I have no idea" and "I'm not sure what to tell you". If I have an answer or advice, I'll enjoy sharing it.
    Sometimes people ask questions and I'll think, "Oh man, I don't know what to say to that."

    • That's the best strategy to answer questions, but I'd like to get better ones to choose from.

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    • You're very welcome!
      You can also filter LIVE FEED by things like post type or by Users or Topics you Follow.
      There are all kinds of ways to find questions, just have to fish around sometimes :-)

    • Thanks for MH!

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What Guys Said 5

  • I tend to go for questions that discuss current events/politics, as I do like to voice an opinion on those. I also enjoy discussing gender issues, as it seems to be a hot topic these days, so I like to read other peoples opinions on those as well. I avoid most questions with long stories and such. Sometimes i may even just skip to the end where the actual question is usually hidden. I'll answer a "rate me" every now and then too, but I'm getting bored of those. I also like questions that ask me to state something about myself.

  • everything if i'm not bored or busy to just get Xper

  • I hate those questions with long explanations.

  • I like answering questions I got interest in and know the answer to.

    • But do you think there are a good number of interesting ones, or do you keep searching for them?

    • There are days when I answer one after another and days when I skip many of them. But usually I arrive at them pretty often; no searching.

  • I don't mind, but a lot of the long ones are just a giant wall of text, not structured or anything. Those are generally the only ones I won't answer if I come across them.


What Girls Said 2

  • I am not very picky. Sometimes I even try to read and respond to the ones with lots of grammar mistakes.

    • But it does tire you out. Especially, if at the end of reading a really long, badly written one, you find out they are just trolling. I wish people put more effort in editing their questions before posting them. That's why I feel there should be an incentive on the lines of MHO for asking well-written, genuine questions.

    • I don't mind trolling, unless it's rude and creates conflicts. Some trolling questions and answers can be pretty well-thought and funny.
      Also, you have to remember that not everyone is a native English speaker.

    • You are right, there are people from all over the world here, but sometimes I feel they don't even bother what they are writing. If someone is really is in trouble and writes a long story, I don't mind reading it. But if they do it out of laziness to edit, it puts me off.

  • I voted E :)
    I always try to answer the questions of those GAGers whom I am familiar with, regardless of the topics. I check their profiles frequently for questions but unfortunately, they ask very few :( They probably know who they are :)

    • Yeah, even I tend to ask less questions. But your questions are a safe bet on any day - interesting, well thought out ones. :)

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    • One thing for sure is that most of the Indian GAGers I have encountered are very good at English , including you. I really appreciate the article you have written. Thanks for writing it. It reminds me that having a good memory helps to prevent us from repeating the same mistakes in our lives.

    • I'm glad you liked my take! Thank you :)

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