Is it just me, or the order of opinions is scrambled now?

Please fix this, it's not in chronological order anymore. :(


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  • It's been like this for a few days now. It is now in order of xper rank. (Guru's and Masters at the top, lower levels and anonymous responses at the bottom). Personally, I do not like this change. A persons xper level does not determine how helpful or useful their answer is. I hope the admins change it back.

    • I actually couldn't figure out what was up! Now I know! I think it's stupid!

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    • Apparently, they really don't care, though.

    • Well, that's unfortunate but thanks for MH.

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  • It's been like this for a week or so. I hate it. Just because someone has more xper points doesn't mean he/she is smarter or better in any way. Plus, seeing newer posts is easier when they are in the order of postage with newest being on the top.

    • Wait, it's ordered in the order of XPER level?
      I couldn't figure it out, I thought it was 100% random.

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  • They are scrambled, & it bothers me too :(

  • No, same with me. I sometimes can't notice new opinions


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