When can I expect a response from admins?

After contacting admins on this site, how long does it typically take to get a response?

Really? Has nobody ever talked to them?


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  • Never spoken to one/had a reply, so potentially years? :p good luck! Xx

    • Beginning to look that way. I guess when @GirlsAskGuys says, "You will receive a message with a general explanation as to why your posting was removed. If you would like further details, please copy/paste the content of that message into a new message through Contact and we will provide you with specific information regarding the decision to remove the post. Please DO NOT post questions asking why specific posts were removed, as those questions will be removed as well. Come to us with those questions :-)" they really mean, "screw you".

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    • i usually get the same vapid response you do, but it's rather speedy. i think it all moves along once they detach their thumbs from their rectums.

    • Ahahahaha oh guys... <3

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