Replying to an opinion! Should it notify you?

When you reply to someone's opinion, you will NEVER get a notification unless they tagged you as a mention. Should you get a notification regardless? Perhaps as an option?

  • Yes - We need notifications! I miss a lot of replies!
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  • No - It's fine the way it is.
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  • This is one of the reasons we implemented the @mentions feature.
    When you @mention that GAGer in your reply, it will notify them so the discussion can continue.
    You can also Follow the question you commented on and go back later to see if you got any responses.
    We're hoping that as more people get used to @mentions, it'll be automatic when responding to someone and separate notifications will never be necessary.


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  • We should get notifications and we should get many more things like writing articles.

  • No its fine...
    i dont really care..

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