Do you think GirlsAskGuys should address the abuse of blocking to get the last word in edge-wise?

I don't mean to suggest that it's important to get the last word in on someone annoyed enough to block you... but frequently on GaG, people will take offense to your answer, leave a comment with ludicrous accusations then block you so you can't defend your stance or against the claims-- on a public forum no less.

I feel like GaG encourages this childish behavior by allowing it, when there are various options to cure it.

Such as:
1.) Allow people to delete their posts
2.) Hide all posts between blocker and blockee in last 24 hours
3.) Make bans require a moderator request (thus valid reasoning)-- 1 answer you don't agree with surely isn't the harassment that banning was designed to prevent.

What do you think guys/girls? Have you encountered this? Do you thinking banning is used more to prevent harassment or to create toxicity on GaG?


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  • I'd say just get over it. If someone's gonna be a shallow little biyatch and pull stuff like that who cares what they say?


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  • Meh, personally I don't think it's a big deal. People come here and let their egos get in the way. Sometimes people's sole reasoning behind engaging in a discussion is to get a good, ole ego stroking. It really distracts from the genuine process of truly exploring a topic and investigating certain issues. This is when blocking becomes absolutely necessary. For people who want to come here and act like the comments section was created for debates, when really it was intended to have more thorough one on one dialogues that lead to even more progression, they are probably not going to stop berating and instigating a negative dialogue unless a third party intervenes or they are blocked. So with that said, some people may feel that giving them a fair chance to say what they need to say just leads to more excessive, negative B. S. I have certainly felt that way. I've been in situations where when I try to back away from hostile conversation or come to reasoning, the person just gets increasingly more aggressive if I refuse to compromise my view so if that's the case, I'd rather just block the toxicity that comes along with their presence. I don't think that's childish unless the person who blocked the other person is the one who started an argument or belittled them, insulted them, and attacked them THEN blocked them not giving them the opportunity to defend themself.

    Banning depends on the specific individual being spoken about. It's hard to answer that question without having a direct, honest look at the history that lead up to the banning including the users wrongdoings vs their contributions.

    • I mean specifically, when people make toxic comments then block their victim to further the blow of harassment. I am not talking about blocking someone because they're continuously harassing you (which is a legitimate reason to block someone). The question is should GaG add measures to prevent people from abusing the block feature to hurt people rather than do what the feature seeks out to do, which is prevent harassment in itself.

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    • abuse:
      "use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse."

      It's not dramatic.. it's literal. Repetitive violence isn't the only definition of abuse.

      Acceptance of flaws may be a core part of your beliefs, but I believe in continuous improvement-- of ourselves and our communities.

    • You don't actually want to hear an individual opinion, you just want to argue with it? Is that the case?

  • Yeah i agree with you.

    • Indeed. I've been on many sites and Gag has the most clumsy blocking system.
      Blocking should be replaced by hiding comments to the view of the person who uses the blocking now. It's not because that person doesn't want to read your comments that he should be able to censor you in a discussion..

    • edit: *hiding from the wiew___

  • Childish people don't deserve to be argued with if they do that you should be thanking them, all it means is that they are going to cause more drama with other users and they don't want you to defend them. If you feel an argument is going hostile I suggest you report and block ASAP


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  • Depends on your side of the argument. To you, you're being stopped from defending yourself, to the blocker, they are stopping someone who said something inflammatory in the first place.

  • I like option #2

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