How to get more opinions on a previously asked question?

I want more opinions on a question I previously asked... is there a trick to doing this without making it featured? As it stands now, I only have 1 opinion and I'd like more


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  • You need to comment on the only opinions and update the question to bump it on the live feed. Then as long as you want attention, you need to comment on every opinion that gets posted so that it gets an entry each time on the live feed.

    • I tried that

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    • Well, I'm glad you found it helpful, even though I couldn't revive the topic at all :D
      Next time, try asking in Social Relationships. Maybe people aren't following Relationships too much.

    • I don't think I'll ask again but if I do I'll remeber that

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  • You can cash in 750 Xper points to have it featured for 24 hours.
    You can post updates on the question, adding more details or asking further questions.
    You can respond to the opinions by commenting.
    You can send the question link to some of your GAG friends to see if they have anything to add.

    We ask that you guys not post it again as duplicate questions are always deleted and the opinions are merged with the original question so no responses are lost.

    Make sure to add a title that both interests readers and clearly defines your question, then check your spelling and grammar for any errors.

    Do not type your question in all CAPS and do not capitalize every word of your posts.

    Be specific about the question you are asking or advice you are seeking and give clear details about your situation so members can better help you but try to avoid making it so long it'll turn them off.

    Also, add details to your profile so that members can know a bit about you to advise you better.

    Share your opinions on other users' questions to increase the visibility of your profile. Having a unique profile picture to draw attention to your post never hurts.

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  • It's kinda a crap shoot. You can spend xper points to get it featured.

  • What was the question?

    • I just want to know reasons why the ladies on here who are in a loving relationship love their man. It's a fun question.

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    • Whats the update

    • Asked guys what they want women tolove them for

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  • only thing would be to re-ask it

    • I was told that if i ask the same question twice it would get deleted

    • They even merged my question that was *similar* and not the same into a question I asked 2 months previously as an anonymous user. I was like, wtf?

    • They need to have 'bump it' feature where you can click it and it refreshes the qestion