So... I sent in a request for the gift card and it's been about 2 days. Should I resend the request or just sit pretty and wait a little bit more?

I followed the instructions that they gave when requesting the reward so... yep


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  • Don't worry about it, two days isn't that much time as sometimes they can be quite busy with their duties but they WILL reply. I've had one time were it took longer than normal, but all I had to do was talk to Sparrow and she checked it out for me.

    • I'm a rather impatient person but they don't really post the expected time on return so thanks for the answer!

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    • I always wondered what people bought with their giftcards lol, I spend them on dvds usually... amazon does really cheap dvd's.

    • I work on my feet all day so I was going to get a pair of those Nike flip flops with all the padding. I've been saving up for a pair and the gift card will get me there.

  • We have many Xper redeem requests coming in daily, it can sometimes get backed up.
    I assure you, we received your request and it will be processed soon. :)


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