How can I earn Xper points?

How can I earn xper points? :)


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  • This information is available in our FAQ. :)
    - Signup +10
    - Login per day +10
    - Set Relationship Status +10
    - Set Personality Type +10
    - Set Occupation +10
    - Upload Custom Avatar +50
    - GirlsAskGuys Anniversary +100
    - Birthday +100
    - Ask a question +1
    - Question gets more than 10 opinions +5 (we will check to see if duplicate accounts, which will be cancelled)
    - When you select Most Helpful Opinion for your question +2
    - Article Comment +1
    - Article gets more than 50 ups +10 (we check for duplicate accounts, which are cancelled)
    - Connect Facebook Account +100
    - Connect Google+ Account +100
    - Share GirlsAskGuys on Facebook +100
    - Share GirlsAskGuys on Twitter +100
    - If you are Followed by a GirlsAskGuys member +1
    - Share your opinion on a question +1
    - You got Most Helpful Award +5
    - You shared your opinion within 15 minutes after the question's asked +1
    - Your opinion is the first opinion from your gender +1
    - Share your opinion on a Featured Question +1


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What Girls Said 3

  • 1. Answer questions, but make sure you don't get reported for inappropriate comments.
    2. The more active you are on the site, the more points you earn.
    3. If the asker likes your answer, you might get an MHO (most helpful opinion), and there are points for that, so you can aim to get as many MHO's as possible.
    4. Completing your profile along with a custom avatar earns u points.
    5. You get points for reporting inappropriate comments/questions, but only if it is accepted by the admins/moderators.
    6. Also, by sharing GAG posts on other social networking sites.

  • Well first you can try not getting banned for a dick pic. The rest of the info will be in the FAQ page.

  • Ask and answer questions


What Guys Said 2

  • Just keep answering questions and it'll rack up really. There's other bonus ways too. Check out the FAQ.

  • Like i did now see here no guy replied to your question i was the first one so i got 1xper point for that. If it was helpful then select me as MHO.. PLEASE