Am I the only one who thinks G@G needs a mobile app?

Don't you think it'd make it easier for those of us here on phones or tablets?

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  • This is an iOS app that we're working on improving as we speak.
    We are developing an Android app as well.
    Right now, we have a desktop/laptop/tablet version, a mobile version, and an iOS app.
    More to come.

    • I know there's a mobile version... I'm on it now... but sometimes my opinions and comments don't post so I have to do them multiple times. Its frustrating.

    • What kind of device are you using, and what browser?
      We'll look into that!

    • Google chrome on a galaxy tab 3

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  • i wouldn't care at all LOL

  • And when you mean phone app, you are only talking about an phone application for 2 operating systems right?

    • I dont know... for any smart phone... i know nothing of electronics

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    • Wow i had no idea

    • It's ok, I wouldn't expect you to. It's word Android and iOS is thrown around the media a lot, you are kind of expected to know of it. USB's uses are thrown around but not what USB actually stands for, you know what I mean?

  • I heard there was one for IOS


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