I have not received 100 Xper for participating in the chat on Thursday?

Hello, I messaged GAG regarding me answering some questions from the chat and they replied saying that the 100 Xper will be added to my account, but that was on Saturday. I expected 48 hours or so, but it's Wednesday now and I am not sure if I received it or not? Would I get a confirmation message saying it was added or do I just check "Last 7 Days" and hope it is a triple digit value that makes sense?


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  • I have no idea. But delays can happen sometimes. Have you tried messaging one of the admins? They will probably be eager to help you out on this issue.

    • Just sent a message to GirlsAskGuys (the user)... I am not sure if anyone else could do anything

    • Did you get your points? Thanks for M/H by the way!

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  • Did you try messaging the admins again and reminding them? Long delays do happen sometimes


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