Do you guys thing GAG should bring back the religious topic?

I mean just cause everybody doesn't agree with each other when it comes to religion doesn't mean we should get rid of the category and I think it made for grade debates and understandings.


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  • I didn't even know they had a religious topic. I think it would be interesting though since I sometimes like to ask questions about religion on this site.


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  • We shortened the topic list based on feedback from you all.
    You can still post about religion, those questions can now be found in Other.


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  • Did we have a religious topic? I never knew that

    People asked religious questions but I wasn't aware there was a topic specifically for it


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  • I think it would be pointless when we have the other topic which is serving religious questions just fine.

  • It is a controversial matter.

  • most people on this site are immature and lack undrestanding of general things of life. spirituality/religion etc. isn't very appropriate for this site.

    i post deep philosophical/real issue questions and people have no interest at all.

    • your a level 1 dude lol you need to stay onhere longer religion is very discussed lol

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    • are you religious?

    • do i believe in God yes.

      would my lifestyle constitute me as a religious person? hmmmm... i drink, had premarrital sex (although i only do it in relationships and practice abstinence when not), but i do believe in design of life and healthy boundaries.

      i studied the bible and i can throw out verses if i was to discuss about theology

      i read the bible 16 hours a day for 6 months in prison when i was in there as a younger man.

      i know a lot but most of these hateful people i come across are too dumb and ignorant. if you make a valid point, they get irrelevant and throw temper tandrums.

      i m also a law professional and understand how arguing and making a case works. i gain nothing from these discussions.

  • well, i dont think its super necessary. I mean, its not like you can't talk about religion now.

    • True, but its more likely to get answered if it was in a category though.