Why can't I see what items I can get with my Xper point?

There used to be a button I could click on that would show me all of the options of items I could redeem my points for... and now I can't find it anywhere.


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  • Here's the list, mine shows up right under the redeemable xper total if I just go to the xper button on the drop down menu on the right. I know your's could be a glitch hence why i've posted the list.

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    TGI Friday's Gift Card - $10 Value
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    2 Months Netflix - $16 Value
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    Amazon Gift Card - $20 Value
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  • From the page you are on now, look at the top right of the screen where your username is. Hover your mouse over your name until the you get the drop down list of navigation buttons. Click the "xper" tab underneath "follows" and if you scroll down, you can then see what users can redeem their xper for and how many xper points each item "costs."

    • All I got was my history and how much Xper points I have that can be redeemed

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    • That's odd. I would suggest sending a message to the admins, it might be something on their end. Or perhaps @GirlsAskGuys will answer your question here.

    • Yeah, if they don't, I'll message them

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