Does GAG IT team know there is a problem of mobile website getting locked when you press "submit" on comments?

It happens to me at least 3-4 times a day. after you type a comment and press submit, the "loading" icon keeps going on and on. Even if I leave it for 10 mins, it will not change. This is NOT A Data signal issue. if i go back, everything starts working fine. I seriously suspect there is a record lock situation that needs to be addressed.

Anybody else having this issue? i am talking about using GAG in a cell phone; I have iOS. 7

With all these comments coming up, I feel the GAG admins and dev team do a wonderful job. the only area where there is room for improvement is regreasion testing. That is not easy these days with the crazy way platforms change. I feel for them.
Oh God ! Can't believe I mistyped that.



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  • Yeah this happens to me all the time on my phone (Android) and my iPad (iOS 8 now). It also freezes when I try to post opinions, but only occasionally. The best thing to do is contact the admin team.

    • Thanks. The more people sharing the issue, the more it proves it.

  • I have that issue to with the submit button. Also, now the login screen jumps around so its hard to keep it steady to log in. And yesterday I downloaded and installed iOS.8. Now I can't even upload new pics to this site. Maybe the new installation is a bit to strong.. I don't know

    • Oh yeah. I need to report that too. Signing in to GAG was a pain in the f****** a$$. It was just trial and error to get to the login fields. I think it is a little better for past 3-4 days so I assumed they fixed that one.

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    • Oh God !! This is like a bloody zit. You pop one on tour face and another one comes up in the neck as if it moved under the skin.

    • Hahah or like chicken pox. You start with one bump (supposedly a mosquitoe bite) that you keep scratching. And then lol here comes the rest

  • Yep, happens a lot.

    Also, the sticky bar doesn't work on mobile either. It used to fast scroll, if you clicked male, female or up buttons to their respective sections. Now it just doesn't respond to anything. :/

    • Thank you for yr input.

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    • MaskedSanity, are you still having this issue?
      If so, do you experience this issue ONLY on Firefox, or on other browsers as well?

    • @GirlsAskGuys

      No, actually. About 2 days after @menguc messaged here, the problem was fixed. Thank you! :)

  • Don't know, but I can't log in on my mobile anymore, it says my email is in an invalid format.

    • Oooh... That's a new one. Usually it is typo of the dot. But I sure you would have figured that out already.

    • Yeah, was entered and re-entered but still not having it...

    • Also the new toolbar is really playing up and either refuses to move out the way or just doesn't work at all.

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  • Yeah, I've reported the issues, they claim they're working on it.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Hahaha.. Ironically, it happened with this particular comment too.

  • Yeah, happens to me a lot on Android, what I do is copy out my entire answer, refresh the page, paste it in, press Submit again. It is a hassle, because copypasting is not as simple as it should be on a phone.

    • I can ditto that whole post of yours and replace Android with iOS.

    • Lol I have iphone and still have to copy and paste and refresh the page

    • ... meaning the problem is with the phone layout and not the phones :p

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