How dangerous can people's opinions on this site be?

Maybe someone has given u a different perspective? And u went applying what he says, okay I understand that u got the brains to determine whether it's good to u or not !
But what if he gave u something really out of expection and the outcomes were not like how u thought they were.
Did that happen to u? When people's opinions made u in a place where u never expected /changed ur life/created the who u are on the long run/taught u how to understand ur bf/gf.. /fixed ur problems with co-workers/helped u by being closer to ur family/encouraged u to achieve ur dreams?
And for the opposite? What if they ruined u? Made u break up with someone.. Please let me know about ur experiences.. I only see people giving opinions but not people talking on how helpful or senseless they were!


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  • It's just an opinion, this is not a scientific community. . ... but i do find it disturbing, that gag allows this suicide posts (especially one saying he will use cyanide to end his life?) to be on this side. All the young ones have followed suit. Trolling or having mental illness? There definitely seems to be a suicide movement present in gag..


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  • No more dangerous than anything else that's on the internet.

  • Its just advice, people need to use their own brains.

    • I already said this in the details. If it's too long for u I hope u read the last 4 lines.

  • The community is made up of people coming from all kinds of backgrounds, people coming from different parts of the world, different cultures, we have all ages here, etc.
    This is why the advice you get sometimes is incredibly diverse, with no one opinion being like another (depending on the question).
    It is also the internet, so some people are here to play and toy with others, keep that in mind.
    Whether you take someone's advice is always ONLY up to you... so advice isn't really "dangerous", per se, it's either good or bad, it either works or it doesn't.
    That person can't really be held responsible if things didn't go as they thought they would. They only gave their opinion.

    • Common think. I don't accuse who gives his opinion, I just wanna know ur personal experience when u applied what u have thought was good to u..

    • Honestly, the advice I've taken here has seemed to work best.
      I remember several years ago, asking advice about a dating situation I was in, and I took the advice to put my foot down on certain things and it worked out. It wasn't great, but it was what NEEDED to happen. So I haven't had an experience where the advice I took here didn't work or made things worse.

  • lol, the way you speak is so dramatic.

    • So u are trying to tell me that u browse GAG like an article on the Internet; enters ur brain--->goes out of ur brain..

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    • Another lame response.. U put me in ur mind more than the subject, "the way u speak", calling names and categories who the heck are u? Stop hating.. And bring ur parent so we can study ur situation because it's really conflicted.. U can't stay like that. Time to grow up ๐Ÿ™Œ

    • Or go to the section of health and fitness
      I'm sorry beforehand if u are offended by fitness dammit๐Ÿ™Œ

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  • I don't take much on here that serious. Things like peoples preferences, for the most part, is what I pay attention to. I wouldn't ask for advice on what to do or ethics though personally. I would rather form those opinions myself.

  • mine are progressive so they are harmless