Eh? Why did I get warned?

Somebody posted a thread saying they hate tall men.

The admins warned me that my post was "antagnostic".

I want to post this here, since I don't get it...

If a person posts something that is offensive (OK, it was a troll post, granted but if it were true), why is a "kind" response necessitated?

If a person posts "I hate black people on sight" or "women who are top managers don't know their true place" (I don't believe these BTW, they're just examples), then it makes sense they get what's coming to them.

Sorry, just seems unfair, it's not as if we can help the grand evil of being tall, is it? ;)


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  • You should realise that the world is unfair, including GAG. The admins are just humans, too, their logic sometimes isn't understandable to us.

    But if you see a troll post, you can just report it and save yourself the trouble.


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  • what's the definition of antagonistic? i don't understand... WTF

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