What do the "Experts" do on here?

I've only seen them ask questions and post articles. And only see their names being advertised by GAG. Who are they? Why are they "Experts"? What are their areas of expertise and what makes them "experts"? What are their qualifications?

Everytime I see GAG post something about their "Experts" I always sceptically react like "meh, who gives a fuck? Who are these people that are considered experts?" An expert on dating? What is that, like someone who has dated tons of guys? What makes them special? Many people have dated a lot...

Unless they are psychologists, what they say don't mean squat to me.


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  • G@G's Experts are professionals with a blog or a website, with experience in a certain Topic or Topics.
    We invite Experts to come to G@G and offer their opinions to the community!
    We build Expert profiles where we list their credentials and interests, and for a couple of weeks, under a certain Topic, they offer their professional opinion directly to you by commenting on your questions under that Topic and even offering advice in private messages!
    You can see their green Expert badge next to their username and see their opinions on questions right at the top!

    We always have an Expert on the site, look for updates on G@G News to learn who they are!

    For more information on Experts, please check out our blog, Experts here at GirlsAskGuys https://blog.girlsaskguys.com/2014/07/22/1871/

    Our Experts
    Caren Field - Relationships - https://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/caren-field
    Chris Collins - Guy's Behavior - https://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/weeklychris
    Joshua Pompey - Dating - https://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/joshuapompey
    Dr. Christina Villarreal - Social Relationships - www.girlsaskguys.com/user/drchristinavillarreal

    Our Experts ask questions, share opinions and give advice, write articles, provide help one on one via private messaging and participate in our GAGExpertChats.


    • Semi-related questions,
      1.) so Experts are here only temporarily, what amount of time is "a couple of weeks"? Just curious because @Caren-Field is awesome.
      2.) considering they can write articles, when are you planning on re-enabling Article submissions? :D

    • I plan on being on GAG for the foreseeable future. Each month I have a topic, with a Twitter chat, and I ask questions that are "a bit too vague" order to get you thinking about the topic and to gather research for my GAG article on the topic. If you answer my questions and then read my article carefully, you might see something you said! I do answer questions on the live feed and in private messages when I can, but I also have a private practice with clients, and run online programs in my full-time job as a professional counselor. Send me a message if you need something and I'll see what I can do to help!

    • Notice how there is no expert on girl's behaviour. That's cause they don't exist.

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  • I personally don't think they give a crap if they asked or answered any questions even though if they were so called experts, They would be able to help immensely if they actually a cared a little more

    • Exactly. I've never seen them give advice on questions.

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    • Heck, even 10 year olds can be considered to have PHD's because they have learned about life for 7-8 years so anyone in their early twenties could be considers If I am completely honest, People have told me I give great advice and im only 23, It doesn't take someone with a college degree to give great advice

    • That's what I meant too. GAG answered that they're "professionals", what kind of professionals?

  • Caren-Field posted some good answers and articles, her questions were kinda eh though, a bit too vague in my opinion.

    There was an expert who's a psychiatrist and specializes in psychotherapy, if that means something to you.

    Technically they post questions, expert opinions, ARTICLES (yes I'm envious thanks), and their questions are pretty much insta-featured on the third feature line of the live feed.

    They're professionals because they have a blog or something like that, kinda like as if you had your own GAG site or something. That is my guess.

  • is it possible to be one?

    • I don't think so. Why would you want to?

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    • It seems like you would need a blog or a website; so it's a pretty unobtainable goal, it's not like they just give those out for free; besides isn't the title "Guru" generally considered a higher honour then "Expert", surely it would be a pay cut?

    • @dreadpirate: not at all. The title Guru says nothing about you other than that you've collected enough xpers to be one. You can post a million crappy posts that's not helpful to any human being and still be a guru. or you can post 500 well-thought-out, helpful advices, and still be a level 4.

  • I find the concept of being a "dating expert" hilarious. I mean, if you've dated a lot, that means you probably suck at dating. People who are actually "experts" should marry the first person they ever date because they got it right the first time.


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  • I think they were a stupid addition to the site.