About your dilemma, have you taken the advice from gag members, and has the advice helped?

I have appreciated everyones advice on gag, its been so helpful, and gave me food for thought, and helped me put things into perspective, im addicted to gag, i think its brill,


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  • I have taken the advice here, yes.
    I used to ask about my dating issues, long ago, and I took the advice I was given about how to deal with the guys.
    I've also asked advice for how to deal with family and taken advice there.
    I've taken more advice given by people who know me a little better through messaging, and from those I've become friends with.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • I haven't been given advice yet but I don't ask so yeah.

  • I have given lots, and really never heard back from any one. Kind of sad really.

    • Aw it is sad, but sure they appreciated , maybe they were to wrapped up in their problems and didn't think

  • I think your picture is addicted to GAG


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