Does anybody even write articles on here?

I honestly never even knew such a thing existed on here to honest, and being honest I was wondering if honest people even honestly write honest articles, honestly speaking.


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  • We're not receiving new article submissions at this time.
    Don't worry, we will offer this feature again in the future and will keep everyone updated on when it's available and how to do it!

    Our Experts have been writing Articles for us recently, our GAGers will be able to again in the future, we're not sure when yet.

    Go to Questions (top menu).
    Click "By Topic", this takes you to our Topic list page.
    From there, choose a Topic you're interested in, click the Topic name.
    From the Topic page, click Articles (top tab).

    • No way! GaG commented on my questionkeksneodbelfkd Jk but that's good to know that it'll be available in the future. I've just always seen it and never knew what it's purpose was. And thanks again for the reference! I'll check it out!

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  • Yes, I do. I even started following a user because he had written many good articles. He was the first user I followed. I'm a dork and I love to read, I will read even more to gain perspective of others. I like to see how other people think. So I do read articles posted here, and I try to comment on them as well.

    • I'm the complete opposite haha but I've always just passed right through them and never really knew what they were even for. And hey you're not a dork if you like to read!!

    • I find them interesting. Idk, I just like seeing what other people think.
      And reading is geeky, dorky, nerdy, etc. Especially if you love it as much as I do lol It's cool though, I don't mind being a huge geek :)
      I have more books than friends.

  • We can't submit articles anymore.

    • For real? I wonder why they haven't taken them off yet, or like the point even was with them XD

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    • Woah for real? I just checked and yeah it's still there but there no feature to write them anymore! I wonder why it's gone

    • Oops I guess I say for real a lot haha

  • Not since 2010

  • The feature is gone and I'm glad


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  • i have 1 article from a girl. its like the only one I've ever seen though. i don't count the experts articles because its expected lol.

    • Are you being honest? Haha Jk man but I know right? There's like not even a point for them

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