After sending in your points how long does it take to get the TGI Friday's Gift Card?

Its now been over 48 hours and nothing so far. The last time I got one It took less then 24 hours to get it. I was hoping to watch the Football game at TGI Fridays this coming Sat night and use my Gift card but I have no Idea why Its taking so long.


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  • We have many Xper redeem requests coming in so it can take some time to sort through them sometimes.
    We have received your request and it will be redeemed in order by request.


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  • Did you get a confirmation message or anything yet? Usually it doesn't take too long for them to process your request, maybe a few days at the most.
    If you still don't hear anything in the next couple of days you can always shoot a message to the Admins to ask if they received your request:

    • Nope nothing in my e mail and all my points are still there. I will thanks for your time

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