Has anyone ever had weird dream about member of GaG? I had dream I met this member in real life we got together and I got her pregnant!

It was so real to life i don't know if anyone else
ever experienced weird dreams about a member
please share and feel free to remain anonymous
omg i feel so embarrassed when i woke up.


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  • I've never had a dream about anyone here. There was a guy a couple of years ago who said he had a dream about me though. It was a little surreal.

    • Thank you for being kind to me :)))

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  • @ her or you're lying

    • If i could take a lie detector test to
      prove this questions for real i would do it

    • Lie detector tests aren't as accurate as the above option

  • Who was it

  • I've had dreams about other GaG members but I have yet to impregnate them.

  • Dude, I don't understand why you bother to ask anything anonymously - you know you have an easily recognizable text formatting.

    Back to your question, no I have never dreamed about any gag member.

    • She is legal age so don't worry about it
      i'm one of the sweetest guys here

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    • I feel offended so i reported you

    • How was my opinion offensive? You shouldn't be here if you're gonna be offended by non-offensive opinions.

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  • No, I haven't dreamed about any GAG members before. I did dream about naked bodies with no heads hanging from a conveyor belt from meat hangers in a factory that were touching each others' genitals, that shit was weird.

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