Is it just me who feels like this website became a sex site not for real issues?

All the questions are ( i had sex, he had sex, she had sex, we had sex)
( his penis, my penis, her vagina, my vagina, her butt, my butt, his butt, their butts…etc)
seriously!!! they make this site is really boring by their questions.
You see them ask the same questions over and over and over again. and at the end they don't want to hear a honest opinion.
I'm leaving this site soon.


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  • Truest thing ever said. What's even worse are the things the guys say. It's like this place is an excuse for them to ask perverse and kinky stuff. Sometimes I think people are stupid, really. If not anything else, this place is one big social experiment that proves that the world revolves around sex and that people are sex crazy. It's like the internet brings out the inner pervert in everyone. The fact that it's anonymous doesn't help either. So, how do you get many views for your questions? Easy, just add the word 'sex'. Epic fail. Although I have asked sex question myself, but damn, not those stupid ones some girls and guys ask. Wow.


    • You're absolutely right! They ask horrible questions it's really stupid.

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  • Lol. Sex questions are very serious for a healthy relationship. If you or your partner isn't satisfied with the sex, the relationship won't be nearly as good. You can also filter out the sex questions if they annoy you. Or Yea, go away is another option

    • You don't have to be rude with her. She ask a question like anyone else.

    • Yes sex is I'm important in evey relationship but there are some awful questions on here. They keep asking the same stupid question over and over again. Some are real issue and the other is just a stupid questions from the teenagers.

  • I agree 100%. I'm okay with the occasional sex question. But lately most questions are about sex and it's really getting old...

    It's like they don't have the capacity to talk about anything besides sex.

    What disgusts me even more is hearing about the morons who send sexual PMs to girls. This isn't a damn hook-up site. Move along...

  • That is teenagers for you. The site went downhill rapidly when they changed the rules about deleting shit questions because they wanted page hits.


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