Why do I get notifications from a question and when I go to said question, I don't see any 'new' opinions or comments?

This is the first time I've noticed it. I don't get it. I got the notification about 5 minutes ago and when I clicked on the question, there was no 'new' opinion or comment. I used the search function of my browser to look for them.

- Was it removed already? Do moderators work that fast?
- Was it a new comment on an opinion where you have to press 'show older' first to see it (due to many answers) and it disappeared because of it 'reloaded'?


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  • I haven't noticed that yet! maybe its just you? its working normal for me so far :D but now that you mentioned it ill pay extra attention and see if its me too :)


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  • Some times the opinions are not put in a chronological order, so there might be a new one and you didn't notice. Also, sometimes when you clock on the notification, it doesn't highlight the new activity so it could be a small comment on an opinion you hardly notice.
    It could also be a glitch, or the comment was deleted.

    • yeah, but I always use the search feature in my browser and search for 'new'. It appears for the smallest comment on an opinion.
      I thought the opinions get moved to the top for me (the asker) when they get 'new' comments so I can conveniently see them?
      It was only about 5 minutes, I'd be surprised if it was already deleted.
      Glitch maybe?

    • probably a glitch..