What gives with seeing votes?

For a day or two, everybody could see all the votes for and against opinions. I thought "GAG finally is making sense again." After all, everybody gets to see all the opinions and comments, why not see what the "general population" thinks about them. But apparently it was just a mistake and the votes have gone back to being hidden unless you cast a vote. Why? And what do you GaGers want to see?

  • Show the votes to all
  • Continue to hide the truth from the masses
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Never mind. I must have looked at something wrong because now I again see all the votes. Maybe I am just tired. :-)

Going to bed.


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  • I like them showing votes. But I guess it's my phone that glitches and I have to tap the upvote 5 or so times for it to register it. Before, just one click did the trick. Now I have to move my fat fingers 5 or so more times lol Yes, I'm that lazy :P


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  • showing all the votes is better i think..


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