Why would this question get deleted?

Someone asked a question about a former member of GAG. They simply wanted to know if anyone knew what happened the person. They did not insult that person or say anything negative. About 7 people answered it and they did not insult the person and no personal info about the person was given.

Why would something like that be deleted? I mean this site is kind of a community.

Seems kind of ridiculous. I'm fully aware that this question is likely to be deleted also.


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  • I don't think this question will be deleted. but im just gonna guess maybe it got deleted because you kinda specifically put a member on the spot? I think. I don't know because now with the mention function its controversial.


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  • because you mention a GAG member probably in your question i guess


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  • I was the one who asked that question and I did not know it was deleted until you asked the question. It's not a big deal but thanks for the concern
    My guess is answerers had negative things to say which I can't control

    • I just thought it was odd because it seemed like a harmless question and nobody that answered said anything that was negative. Just seemed strange. .

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    • I'm not upset

    • I'm just surprised this question didn't get deleted