What is the use of Xper points?

I have Xper points 191 and I don't know what can I do with it.


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  • It USED to be kinda like Yahoo Answers back in the day where your level was visible to everyone underneath your display picture all big and huge and you couldn't do certain things until you leveled up.
    Like you could only ask/answer a certain amount of questions a day until you got to level 3, you couldn't post links until you were like a level 5 things like that. It really helped cut down on trolls, but now it's an award system apparently.
    First I've heard of it. I've got nearly 8,000 points been on here on and off for 6 years now (I binge on GAG for like a month then don't log on for like 3 months after haha) time to see what I can redeem these babies for I guess


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  • Accumulating Xper points will increase your level as you may have noticed, and you can redeem your points for certain rewards. Having a higher Xper level will also allow you certain privileges.

    You can read all about Xper, how to earn the points, and what they do here in the FAQ:

    • will I need credit card to redeem my points for rewards?

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    • Redeeming points doesn't affect your total amount. That way, your Xper level is not affected.
      Your redeemable amount of Xper is separate from your Total Xper.

    • ... ehhh

  • Right now, nothing but you can eventually redeem your points for rewards.
    Go to the Xper tab on your profile and see the rewards. You can redeem your points:
    1. To feature a question. 750 points
    2. To get an amazon giftcard. 5000 points
    3. To get a GAG T-shirt. 1000 points
    4. Donate to Raven. 3500 points
    5. 2 months Netflix. 2500 points
    6. TGI Friday's Gift Card. 3500 points

    • GAG T-shirt, Netflix not available in our country

      TGI Friday's Gift Card means?

    • Are you asking or telling QA?

      GAG t-shirts are simply shirts with this sites logo on it that you can wear once you earn enough points.

      Netflix like you said if it's not available I your country it's not available in your country.

      And TGI Friday's Gift Cards are gift cards for a resteraunt I'm not sure if they have the resteraunt from wjere you're located but they certainly do in America and considering I eat there an awful lot TGIF and Amazon are probably the most self beneficial rewarding prizes for my points.

      The Ravens one is too but I'll prpabbly do that once I've been a member on GAG for a really long time ot really help donate to a better cause.

    • Then no 1 is only for my country.

  • You receive xper points when you're active on this site, the more activity to more points you earn. You start leveling up and once you earn a certain amount you can redeem these xper points for some goodies.

  • you can't do much with that...
    actually you can't do anything..
    https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/xper it explains it all

  • don't hate, accumulate

  • Nothing right now


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  • you can buy gift cards, and such things

  • you can redeem them for shit if you get enough.

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