Join our Twitter Chat (Thursday 10/9) and Receive Xper Points!

Participate in our next Twitter Chat and we'll give you 100 Xper points just for chatting with us!

Join us Thursday October 9th at 2:00pm Central Time.

Each Chat features a new Expert, this chat will be hosted by our Online Dating expert, @hunt-ethridge!

If you don't have a Twitter, sign up and get one, it's quick and easy.

Here's how the chat works -

@HuntForAdvice (Hunt's Twitter) and @GirlsAskGuys will tweet out a question like this:

Q1 What was your longest relationship? #GAGExpertChat

Users like you can respond like this:

A1 3 years. #GAGExpertChat

It is very important that every single tweet have #GAGExpertChat - this is how people will be able to follow the conversation even if they are not following everyone involved.

The idea is to get people talking to each other. If you see someone else using the #GAGExpertChat hashtag and want to respond - reply to their tweet and keep the hashtag so we can all follow along!

To follow the hashtag just search #GAGExpertChat in the Twitter search bar and make sure you select "All" and not just "top" tweets.

If you have any questions, just ask them here or hit us up on Twitter @GirlsAskGuys!

Here's a roundup from a chat with one of our past experts, @WeeklyChris -

Join in and you might make out Online Dating Chat highlights story!

To get your Xper Points after participating, just send a message to the @GirlsAskGuys user with your Twitter username and we will add the points.

Can't wait to see you guys there!

If you'd like us to Tweet a reminder to you, just tweet at us on Twitter or leave a comment here and we will remind you an hour before the chat begins.


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What Girls Said 4

  • But I'm not awake at that time :(
    Will I miss out on a lot?

    • Are you not in the US? We usually alternate between having Twitter chats in the morning (around 10am central) and the afternoon or evening. Our next scheduled chat is also an evening one, 5pm Central on October 23rd. Our next morning chat will be in November.

      The chats are super fun, we always have a great time, I hope you can make one soon!

  • I enjoyed it :)

  • I don't even have twitter, lol.

  • uh. nah.
    i'd rather sleep...


What Guys Said 4

  • I don't have Twitter and don't want one for I don't have a cell phone and don't feel I need a Twitter account anyway

    • you don't have a cell phone? really?

    • Dude, more power to you. Less people bothering you.

      People can still live without it, but they choose not to.

    • @JackKerouac77 @Klaatu51 That's why I shut it down and got rid of my cell, instead I got a home land line phone. A cell is like an electronic leash. Now when I am out at a movie or going somewhere I have peace and when I get home I check my voice mail messages on my home phone

  • in Greece is 22:00 i guess?

  • How much points would I get.

  • Don't have twitter. Don't feel like making one just for gag.