Confess your GaG crush. You can't be anonymous and must use @mention!

Do it now. NOW. NOWWWWWW!

Oh yeah, and I already confessed mine yesterday: @harikiri
Never mind, I am not disavowing this since it has picked up.

Correction: @harakiri


Most Helpful Guy

  • @Sparrow24 seems so intelligent and just plain thoughtful, I would love to discuss movies/books/music with her and get some art ideas. She gave great travel advice. Her profile picture is also pretty darn cute.

    I would like to go hiking/hammocking with @sammy_31 even though I don't know if she's into that. Seems like she enjoys the outdoors/simple pleasures and drama-free activities. I could be totally wrong.

    I say all this, but it's in an ideal world where things always work out.

    At the same time I'm a very private person and it would take a lot for me to communicate with people outside of this website and/or build real trust to the point where I'd give out my email or phone number. I've been burned by two passionate loves already in my life, so maybe I'm still just putting myself back together.

    Maybe one day. Maybe.


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