When is the best time of day to ask a question?

When is the best time of day to ask a question and get a lot of answers? I'm in eastern US time (Florida).


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  • The site is at its busiest (meaning more people on, posting and reading) from 3-6pm CST and from 10pm-1am CST.
    (That'd be 4-7 and 11-2 your time)

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Okay so I figured this out lol... The best times are lunch times when the live feed is moving a bit slow so maybe 1 or 2 your time and at night I'd say about 10 or 11 ish for you


    • LMFAO! That is a very funny and appropriate gif lol! And 10/11 huh hmm I thought everyone went to sleep at that time. Thanks I might ask something shortly I'm sort of bored.

    • I say that because your 10/11 is my 9/10 lol

    • Which state are you in?

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