Does anyone know what is, hands down, THE most voted response to a question on GAG is?

I just saw a response to a question that had about 64 votes. That's nuts. But something tells me that isn't the highest in recorded GAG history ever. Does anyone know offhand if their response topped that? Or have seen it topped before?


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  • The sad thing is that, after the update, all the upvotes and downvotes on old answers disappeared. So it's hard to say.

    • Really? I didn't know that. I thought the votes were still retained. Hm.

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    • @GirlsAskGuys oh! I didn't know. And nah, I don't think I know any.

    • Great, thanks! We'll keep our eyes peeled for anything like that.

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  • im guessing maybe like 190 both genders combined :D I don't actually know lol.