GirlaskGuys!! What's the deal? Why does this happen?

For the past week this site has been logging me so many times, enough to go crazyyyyyyy! Grrrr! I understand if adjustments are being made but it always happens when I type a long response to someone or question, and then the site freezes and my screen goes blank, then I refresh the page and I have to log in again. Every. SINGLE. TIIMMMEEE!!! Is this a bug?


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  • damn is this srsly happening to people? I've seen other complaints but this has never happened to me yet!

    • It's so disappointing to write like a long reply, almost 2,000 characters and have it do this. Like I don't even want to write it up all again😒it's pissing me off! Maybe it's just for the people who use phones

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  • I thought the problem was with my tablet. It also freezes with me and logs me out

  • That sometimes happens to me... I don't know why? Haha oh well


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  • Are you checking the "Remember Me" box when logging in? That often helps.
    There could also be an issue with your cookies and cache being too bogged down, clearing those often clears site/internet issues.

    We want to look into it to see if it's an issue on our end as well.
    What device and browser are you using?

    • I'm on my phone, iPhone 5, and I do clear my history very often (for obvious reasons of course bahaha) but I'll check out the cookie situation, that could be it. Others seem to be having a similar problem as well. And thanks for the fast response time!

    • Thanks for letting us know, we'll check it out!