There has been a new update: VOTING INDICATOR! Hell yeah, thanks GAG!

Now that we were able to see votes without voting, it was a bit of a pain that the button didn't have any kind of indicator on whether you have voted on an opinion or not. So all you could do is mash the button and realize "yeah I probably voted on this one"

But now it actually indicates with a color change on the arrow of the button. Yay! Thanks!

I don't know what to ask. Maybe, have you noticed?

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  • Yes, it's very helpful to now be aware of which opinions we have already voted on. Especially on questions that have TONS of responses, I would sometimes forget which ones I had voted on already. Lol


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  • I voted A. Its a neat little feature!


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  • Now if I could actually cash in my downvotes for prizes, it'd be cool.

    • Well *technically* I'd rather want to get 1 XPER for every 1 Upvote I get, to encourage good quality posts.

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    • more votes coming for you

    • "I'm more bugged by how it doesn't disappear when you stop hovering over it."

      Asker, if you click anywhere on the screen, even white space, the pop up will disappear. Choosing No also closes the box.

  • didn't notice anything LOL

  • I actually think hiding the votes was a nice idea because it would keep people voting without trending the votes. It probably sounds silly but I feel like people have a natural desire to go with trends so if they saw people upvoting something they may just go along with it where not seeing the votes made it feel like people were giving a more personal vote.

    • Honestly I can't decide which one was better. I sometimes rushed my votes because I wanted to see what others thought.

  • I really don't like being able to see the amount of votes in each section before I vote. I don't think that adds anything constructive. It just encourages people to follow others' responses. It would be nice if there were a "See ratings" option that didn't allow up/downvoting afterwards, for people that just wanted to know what the votes for the comment were.

  • I'm indifferent. I kinda dislike it because it promotes herd mentality.


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