Why are some GAG users' biggest irritation in the world anonymous users on this site?

You'd think posting anonymously was something sacrilegious on this site. Does it really irk those people down to the bone when people post anonymously on here?


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  • *disclaimer - none of this bothers me that much.

    I think the issue is that if you're going to say something offensive to me... at least have the balls to do it with your account.

    • And that's my first thought as well. But then the very next thought is: even if you have a name/account to associate with the comment, you STILL don't really know who it is or care about it after 2 minutes lol

      Just seems like people get REALLY serious about this GAG stuff and turn it into the next great crusade of theirs

    • Well yes, and no. I mean no one knows who I am in the real world. But people see my account posting and start avoiding or disliking me for that...(just ask sandplanet). As opposed to a truly anon account where you can have another layer of anonymity

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  • but my biggest is the people who argue with the advice you give them.. the ones who obviously have their mind set on what they are going to do or what they think but yet they want advice but will curse you out for giving it to them... dont ask for advice if you have your mind set on what your gonna do already.. like if you ask me should you sleep with your bestfriends ex... and i say no.. but then you give me a million reasons as to why you should... then your mind was made up before you ask the question.

  • It only annoys me when people do it to harass people. You can't even block them. Like being on the internet isn't enough for some people they have to take the extra pussy step and call people names with no face to put it to. Other than that, don't care.

    • I do, however, think a solution would be to prioritize things that are reported by having the mods look over anon stuff first. Then all the people posting anon just to be assholes would just get warnings without slipping through the cracks.

  • It doesn't particularly bother me.


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  • I don't know probably to some it does. I can't say why or judge why lol. its their life :D

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