How do you know if you have been blocked on GAG?

I think someone randomly blocked me for no reason. How do you know if you have been blocked?


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  • When you try to post to them, you'll see an orange notification pop up at the top telling you that either that user blocked you, or you blocked that user.
    When you are blocked, or when you block a user, you can't post an opinion on their question, you can't comment on their opinion, you can't vote on their opinions, you can't Follow them, and you can't send them private messages.

    Our FAQ is full of information like this. :)


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  • if you can;t answer someone's questions LOL

  • You move on and go about your day, because it really doesn't matter.

    • Good advice. Your right I should just ignore it and go on with life.

  • It was me and it was not random.

    • Oh, you blocked anonymous. Lol

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    • thank you and if you can not comment on their post or give them a thumbs up it is fair to say that they blocked you

    • Thank you!

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  • If you typed out a response and you aren't able to submit it because of a banner that pops up and says something like "you have either blocked this user or you have been blocked"

    Or if you try to up vote or down vote them you'll also get a another banner at the top saying you cannot do it.

    Usually if someone has blocked you, you won't see their Q's on the live feed.

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