GAG new update, how do you find it?

How do you find GAG New Update and say Why?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I hate the color scheme. It's a mess that it's so white that this is literally the only site that burns my eyes out. Bioware Social Network had this problem, they realized that people aren't using the website because of it so they made a Dark Theme:

    I wish this site had a dark theme. -____-

    Although technically, until that's done, I guess I'll just have to use an extension to make it dark, like so:

    Still, the Mention system is pretty badass, so I voted B).
    And the phone layout is pretty good. I'd argue that it's even better than the desktop one.


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  • I really could care less but did notice the new updates :) <3 :P


What Girls Said 2

  • What "new update" are you referring to?

    • o_O are you GAG member :P look around you and you will see what am referring to :P @xHoneyxBeex

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    • I like the mention system, but now removing posts for being "Member Posts" seems silly.

    • yeah I'm confused too, I've seen some small changes but nothing big... What are they on about?

  • What update exactly?