Do you think GAG should bring back the option to sort questions by age?

Pretty self explanitary.
Before GAG updated it's website, you could sort questions to view only those questions from a certain age group once you were in a topic.

Do you think they should have that option again?

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I mean when you are viewing questions you can sort other peoples questions in to age range, so you only see questions from people of the age range you choose. Not limit or set the age range of people who can answer your own question.


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  • Yes in my opinion it would be good option. It wouldn't be any different then sorting by sex & I don't hear any body screaming about that.

    • You used to be able to do both before they made the new website.

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    • Yes that is one reason I shy away from the under 18 questions.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • Yeah, I guess I could use the option if they added it. I mean I try to only answer questions by people around my age group. Yes, that category is just labeled 'under 18', but most of the problems or questions are quite similar and I feel like I can help out with ease.

  • I voted C) because I really don't care, but if it existed then it'd be easy to compare the age groups and see how it's always the 25-29 male group that's the most bitter and posts weird sexist stuff.

  • i don't care

  • Think about the benefits and drawbacks of adding that option.

    • What are the drawbacks in your opinion? They had it before wonder why they did away with it.

    • Users won't be receiving as many answers can be a drawback.

    • That's irrelevant it would have the same chance. Perhaps i didn't word the question well, when you go in to a topic to look at other peoples questions, you used to be able to sort other peoples questions in to the age range of askers. I don't mean limit the age range of people able to answer your own question. Although in all fairness that wouldn't be a bad shout either.

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  • I personally don't need it, but if others do, then sure, bring it back.

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