What's the point of the Live Feed button if the GAG button does the same thing?

So, the gag button on the top of the site does the same as the live feed button and they're only spaced out by 2 buttons. What's the point in having that? Mind you all my settings are default of if there's any purpose there I don't know it.

For those who want a pic you can either look at the top of the gag page or if you're really lazy and want it circled out for you here you go.


Raw image cause you'll need to zoom in cause I'm lazy and got 3 monitors so I just screenshotted them all and circled the gag one then uploaded.

This being said if there's no difference between the two buttons what would you prefer the live feed button to be replaced with if any?

My preference off the top of my head would be to either remove it or to replace it with a Dark/Light button where you wouldn't have this bright gag site but a dark version of it.


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  • never even realized that I just thought the GaG was just a logo I didn't realize it was a button, I don't think many people realize that actually


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  • bruh i didn't even know there was a gag button lmaoo.
    i think it should just not have a purpose then... just b a logo there.

  • You're right , its pointless. I use firefox.


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  • As In-sight-ful mentioned, many users don't realize the GAG logo is an actual button, and many others simply don't use it.
    There are several ways to get to many pages, we're always trying to make it as easy to use as possible, for everyone.

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