Does anyone know how Most Helpful Opinion?

Does anyone how Most Helpful Opinion get selected so fast in some questions? I can't choose a MHO for 24 hours?

  • They're a high ranked user
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  • They just can , don't know why you can't
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  • Don't know
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  • Other I will explain in my comment
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  • Polls are fun. Glad you made a poll XD
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Most Helpful Guy

  • If you get 4 opinions in 2 minutes, you can select MHO quickly.
    Otherwise, it'll make you wait several more hours, or even a day in the hopes that you'll receive several more responses.


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What Girls Said 1

  • i think it's something to do with how many responses you get.
    sometimes when i get over 10 within a couple of minutes then i can choose
    but if i have 2 or something then i can't until 24 hours passes.

    • Thanks that makes sense. I hope some more people comment , so I can put this theory to the test.

What Guys Said 1

  • if your question gets a lot of opinions you might choose MH quicker otherwise wait 24 hrs

    • Thanks you're 100% right