How do you feel about those very helpful and humorous GAGers who are suicidal?

They dedicate so much time and go all the way out to help fellow GAGers solve their problems and always make people laugh with their witty humour. Yet, their hearts are in deep pain and sorrow, I feel.

I am saying this because I have come across posts of a few very helpful and humorous GAGers who said that they have attempted suicide/cut themselves

Also the other day, a very kind GAGer helped me with a very difficult question that I posted, which made me feel really touched to read his profile. But when I went to his profile, I was shocked to read that he had tried to kill himself :(
That question I posted has been removed because it was something irrelevant to this site.


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  • I just got one thing to say.
    "The loneliest people are the kindest, The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do."

    That is true. They (or should i use "we"? Would that be more apropriate since i can confirm that statement first hand?) know how much it hurt, they have experienced and felt it tear them to pieces! They have felt lonelines, sadnes, damage, on themselves. Speaking for myself, i know that there is happiness out there, and i don't only want it for myself, i also want it for others. I know there is love out there, and i don't only want it for myself, i also want it or others. I know there is healing and forgiveness out there, and i don't only want it for myself, i also want it for others.
    And i want to help them find that, because through them i might find my own way to gain it; Happiness, love, healing and forgiveness.

    They're carrying a mask, a mask meant to shield them from those who don't care or want to hurt them. It's a mask of laughter, of indifference... but deep down they know that behind every "just kidding" there's a seed of truth.

    So they do it for two reasons. To protect themselves from those who want to hurt them, and out of selflessness (or is it selfishness channeled outwards when you take joy in helping) to help others getting what they don't have. Because they know how much it hurts to be without it.

    That is why they act like that. That is why I act like that.

    • That explains why I'm kind, bright, and wise.
      Now why am I just so dam sexy?

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    • @meatballs21 i take it as a compliment XD
      Personally i' done dealing with the shit of the past, and have decided that what bad treatement have made me into can be used. The smiles, the helpfullness, the desire to make others not suffer... combine that with an iron will, a sense of justice, and a fierce loyalty to my own standards and my few friends. I can use it, and i intend to.

      But yes, that was the intention. To stirr up some emotions XD

    • @meatballs21 Yes, I got emotional reading dartmaul15 's answer too.

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  • @dartmaul15 Those who stop people from climbing over the fence, as they already been through it, not just got down there for a see, theyve been into the depth , and the soul didn't came out with them, the inside was been leaving behind to burning and suffering since that. In the end they became being annihilated by emptiness, then the only desire they aimed is by stopping anyone whose tried to step behind their track they could collect the teeny twilight in order to helplessly patch up the broken part of own piece by piece, that keeps them survive
    Why the words they using so hilarious such talented to hit the spot. Theyre in pain then they think, a lot , look to solve the knot, time goes by they're already tried in countless way and eventually seen the truth of cruelness, that's the life, the true form of life, its it, there is never a coming back. and next, everytime they talk, you may thought theyre funny, no, theyre cueing the truth with the way folding the gloss you could see anywhere, the feint you missed something of it, then you found the words seems to so banging on but can't figure out why

    • Theyre unbreakable cuz they already been knocked out, whatever you did to them everything seems fine, yuh they're so intelligent and bingo but merely an accessory, its both not the reward they chosen and the most unwished gift , useless, it reminds the truth everymoment to them. since it can bringout some vitalities of the others, its not worth nothing for being the wiser. But beyond that, there was no other intentions on the helping hand, theyre just a walking dead

      They helped the lost , unmasked the face of the lie, yes, they got the better of the con illusion, unfortunely not everyone wanted it, some people just wanna live in a lie "fatefully", sadly always a gamster. they wanted to be a savior with sacrificing theirself, heroism is full of the spirit, sometime up to the philanthropism

      I felt sosad to watch mrbean or robinwil or chaplin or anycomedians, they'resomuch melancholyand we couldn'tseet?

    • Thanks you so much for sharing.

  • "That question I posted has been removed because it was something irrelevant to this site."

    Ugh, I hate the moderation here. Dick questions and "is my 36DD breast good enough to satisfy the horny dogs called Men?" and "rate me 32/64?" and "omg do you like girls who have nose rings like pigs do?" and "which GAGer would you crush?" - So relevant to the site. They're never marked as nonsense. Nor duplicates. They should all be marked duplicates and merged into one big pile of mess that says "yes, someone will probably like you for who you are, now stop asking".

    As for suicidalness, I don't keep track of who is suicidal or not. I wouldn't self-harm myself, I'd rather resort to escapism in another form.

  • Just because one feels pain in their past, doesn't mean that they can't overcome it and be happy later in life. That's kind of the point of why suicide is a dumb option in most cases.

  • It's indeed something you often hear: when people feel bad, they try to comfort themselves by helping others... I think I also do that to some extent although I'm not suicidal, fortunately.
    A time will come than, that their problems overcome them. So your story sounds logical and I'm convinced more people have this problem than we would expect!

  • Oftentimes i empathize with them. They are trying to do the best thing, which is putting focus on helping others with their problems so they can forget about their own. I can usually put myself in their shoes, which is easy for me to do. But that's as far as I'll discuss, as it might lead me down an all too familiar path

  • I didn't think there were so many suicdial pepole on here.

    I may join them when I turn 30 and remain single.

    • but but... you have to fart :O

    • you can't kill yourself

    • Yes, I cannn. I'm in no way shape or form depressed.
      I just give up on life if I can't get myself into a serious relationship in 5 years I failll in life.

  • It's not my problem.

  • I had tried to kill myself with alcohol. And its humiliating to put something like that in my profile. And who would take advice from a suicidal idiot like me. So most of my opinions are anonymous. Like 80% of my mhos. It's better that way. So that people always keep seeing my happy face.

    • @So most of my opinions are anonymous. Like 80% of my MHOs.
      I may not know who you are but you are always most welcomed to opine non-anonymously in my questions :)

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      This is a creative phrase. Haha. Thanks :)

    • You are welcome :D

  • "Sometimes people with the worst past, can create the best future."
    -Official Semicolon Project
    I don't know why a lot of people who have struggled with depression end up being some of the most kind and funny people. Of course, part of it is the fact that most people with depression learn to hide their emotions and put on a smile for the time they spend out in society. Besides that, I like to think it's because they've personally felt such a range of emotion and been through so much in their life that from experience they know just how to solve most problems. The humor I believe comes from learning to find the silver lining in every situation. To me it's actually quite important to try my best to find humor in as much as possible. They've taught themselves how to be able to find humor in everything, or else the seriousness of it all would drag them back down to the cold, suffocating and irrational rabbit hole that is the rock bottom of their depression. This probably didn't make much sense. I have difficulty putting this kind of stuff into words. It's just me writing down the thoughts going through my head.


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  • Well, I can't speak for everyone, but.. I have a long history of depression, and when I was younger, I self-harmed and attempted a few times. For me, helping others is very therapeutic for me. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and due to my depression, I can empathize with so many people. At the same time, I have coped with depression for 10 years, so I've learned through rough experiences how to handle situations that seem nearly impossible. For me, I feel happy when I'm able to use my bad experiences in life to turn someone else's into a good experience, if that makes sense? I'm happy to make others happy. :)

  • does it remind you of the character- clown?
    like the anon user who mentioned "The ones who are able to make others laugh are often the saddest people inside."

    • Yes, reminds me of this little story too:
      A certain man made an appointment to see a psychologist. He arrived at the psychologist's office and said to him, "Doctor, I always feel depressed. No matter what I do I still feel depressed. I just don't know what to do."

      The psychologist looked at him and said, "Come with me to the window."

      The man followed and then the psychologist pointed outside and said, "Do you see that tent over there in the distance? Well, there is a circus in town and it is really good. There are lots of acts to watch, specially the clown acts. And there is one clown in particular who is extremely funny. He will make you rock with laughter over and over again. Go and see that clown and I guarantee that you will not have reason to be depressed again!"

      The man turned to the psychologist with sad eyes and said, "Doctor, I am that clown!"

      P. S Zhe ge xiao chou rang wo xiang qi le ni de ou xiang.

    • Thanks for sharing the story. It us sad indeed. Now you mentioned him yes it reminded me of idol. ..

  • There is a saying/proverb that says:
    "The ones who are able to make others laugh are often the saddest people inside."