How well have people helped you with your questions?

I am very greatful to the users of GAG for their honest opinions on all of my questions. Sometimes it is of such a great help if i don't want to talk to my friends about something.

How well have people you don't know helped you with your problems or when you needed advice or opinions?
Do you sometimes find their honesty hard to take?
Do you appreciate what people have to say?


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  • Its always better to advise somebody u don't know. because u can be brutally honest. If u asked your friends they would wrap it up in cotton wool. I only came to. ask one question and now addicted to helping others especially the younger ones that are vulnerable and if any advice I give stops just one person making a. life changing mistake then its worth the aching finger lol there are also very few idiots on that take the piss, 90+% of opinions. are good advice and that makes it a great site to be a part of.


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  • People have been really helpful, actually. I asked my first anon question today- I don't know why I didn't think to do that sooner. People are really insightful on here and sometimes it's better to talk to a stranger.

  • Most of the time they help on some of mine i get about 2 to 0 opionions

    • Yeah sometimes the same for me with the amount of answers, I think it is just the way it goes sometimes.