How do you find all the people that you had on your old account?

I got a new account but I lost all my follows :(
How do I get them back?


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  • Radom question for you is it hard being NAMED Unique and then Having to BE Unique, like is there a lot of pressure for you to be original and different than everyone else? this is an honest question no joke.

    • To be honest I'm not normal I live up to my name :)

    • Haha awesome. You're suppose to. Question was cause I came across this one girl named Exquisite and she was anything but that lol. Keep living up to your name :))

    • Lol XD
      And yes I will :)

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  • I don't know. I got suspended and when I got back, all my follows were gone, along with following, and blocked. I told @GirlsAskGuys about this multiple times, and as far as I know, they haven't figured anything out about it. You're probably going to have to just find them yourself.

    • Well that really sucks :(

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    • I know tell me about it and they wanna toss terms and policies in your face

    • It's so fucking simple what "antagonistic" or "nonsense" means that they don't have to explain it.

      Except when you report it, and link to it multiple times while tagging @GirlsAskGuys and they leave it up (because, in their infallible wisdom, it violates no rules). Then when you spam the same shit on several opinions they finally remove it (because, in their infallible wisdom, the exact same content which violates no rules, must be removed) but not until after they suspend you for two days.

  • search them LOL

    • I don't remember the names

  • start by following me homebread I'll follow you

    • Lol well your private so I can't XD

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